Camping at Forest Inn

Forest Inn has a camp site available with fully shaded stands and lushes green grass. Each site has access to electricity and water points.

The Camp-site offers

  • A large central boma is available for dining
  • Barbecue and wash up facilities
  • Ablutions, hot showers
  • Firewood is provided
  • Power points at each campsite
  • Good birding at the birdbath
“A great stopover when you are driving for a memorable refreshing break. The trees are marked with botanical names, so you do not have to guess, and the lawn is well landscaped. There are also sections dedicated for camping and a great outdoor experience. The food was definitely fresh and appetizing.”

Mweetwa Mudenda

Free Services Included

Wi-Fi is available in the dining room, bar, veranda and car park
Laundry service – Same day washed and ironed
Car Wash on request at reception
Security – The entire property is fenced and guards are on duty 24hrs a day
Water – Our water is from a borehole
Electricity – Mains electricity 220 watts, and a backup generator