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Forest Inn is convenientlly situated on the Great North Road road 60 km after the Kapiri Mposhi T Junction, or if coming from the north, 30km from Mkushi Town. From the Kapiri Mposhi junction it is 64km north, on the left. We are equidistant from Harare, Livingstone and the Tanzanian borders, all 750 km. This makes the Forest inn an ideal stop over for travellers, and for visitors and buisinessmen working in the Farm bloc.

Our Fine Facilities

Set in 160ha of protected miombo forest, Forest Inn is a rich oasis for birdlife. Our lush lawns and tranquil gardens provide habitat for productive birding, forest walks or a relaxed sundowner. Our facilities include tastetful dining, bar and lounge, character rooms and various campsites.

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Warm and friendly staff, great living spaces, all in perfect harmony with the natural treasures that surrounds this gem.

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